Is 2HBT1 the right Coach for You?

  Are you in one of the following situations?


You are an executive who wants to elevate your performance and your company's results while improving work-life balance.  


You are a small business executive or owner who is dissatisfied with the growth, the profitability, or the teamwork produced in your company.

As a small business owner, you are starting to wonder how your company will be evaluated when it comes time for you to exit and perhaps sell.


You have recently been promoted knowing that your new position will place higher demands on you.  You want to exceed those expectations and maintain a positive work-life balance.


You want to have a peer executive with whom you could confidentially discuss sensitive alternative tactical, strategical, or personal ideas.  Brainstorm with someone who is objective, honest and in your corner.



  What 2HBT1 can do for you


If one of the scenarios above rings true, you may benefit significantly from a confidential coaching engagement.  Kevin has "walked in your shoes." and can relate to your situation.  The returns from a successful engagement will exceed your expectations and potentially provide a return on investment of 500% to 1000%!


Kevin's coaching passion springs from experience in developing and mentoring many successful executives during  his 30+ years in growing profitable businesses.


If you are ready to learn how 2HBT1 coaching will benefit your company, your job performance, your career and your work-life balance, let's talk to determine what is right for you.


Executive Coach

Kevin Kott, the owner of 2HBT1, will listen to your issues and assist you in developing a realistic roadmap to achieve success.

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