What is the value of your company?


Some entrepreneurs start their business out of a vision to change the world.  However, most start a business out of love for a profession or  product, combined with a desire for freedom.  Freedom from a boss .  Freedom from corporate politics.  Freedom from the 9 to 5 humdrum.  Freedom from a restricted salary guideline.   Freedom to control as they see fit.


A valuable company provides the ultimate freedom -  the availability of choices.  No choices - no freedom.  Wouldn't you like the freedom to choose what to do with your business?   Choose when, if ever, you are going to exit?  Choose between running day to day operations yourself or hire a general manager so you can have free time as Chairman of the Board?  Eventually transition your business to family members, employees, or others of your choice?      Sell the company for the amount of money that fairly compensates you for your successful business.  The ultimate freedom gives you the ability to make these kinds of decisions - on YOUR time table,  when YOU want.  This is a valuable business.

 Our Value Builder System is designed to help you increase your company's value and to achieve the satisfaction that comes with freedom.  While a company's value can be measured by sale price, its value is also diminished by the amount of your time and energy required to keep the business profitable and growing.  You do not need to sell your company to enjoy the benefits of higher value for as long as you want!



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